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#148: Don't Put Heart Rate Before Heart with Wayne Goldsmith

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01:50 Working On Soft Skills 02:44 It Comes Down To The Way They Do What They Do 03:58 Vibe And Connection Among People 05:23 Building A Team Culture 07:10 What Does Your Values Look Like? 09:00 Identifying The Actual Behaviors That Will Say "This is Who We Are" 10:05 Responsibility Is About Me, Accountability Is About Me 12:26 Love, Care And Consideration Are Important Words Too 17:35 What Can You Do Better? 20:42 Problem Solving Is An Incredible Learning Tool 26:23 Asking The Right Questions 27:54 Stop Being So Obsessed With The Physiology 31:38 Training Is From The Neck Down But Coaching Is From The Neck Up 32:41 It's All Mental At The Top Level 38:33 You Don't Want To Burn All Your Matches Straight Away 41:05 Watching People Grow 41:45 Developing The " I Can" Attitude 46:41 Online Course For Coaching

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