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1969 Camaro Build! | DAY 2—Super Chevy Week to Wicked Presented by POL | MotorTrend

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It's day two of our Super Chevy Week To Wicked Presented by POL, and we're sliding the drivetrain into our 1969 Camaro project. This is the part of the weeklong build where big parts are being added to the mix, and with the drivetrain in, it feels like we're almost done. But that's a big lie. You see, building a car in just a week is about hundreds of small tasks, not the big items like getting the LS swapped into the car. But if we want to have this Camaro fired up and making tire smoke by Friday night, we need to get all the tasks done, both big and small. #WeekToWicked #Camaro #MotorTrend
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