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Are F1's 2022 rules coming in at the wrong time? | Your questions answered | F1 Podcast

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In our latest F1 podcast ex-Jordan, Stewart and Jaguar technical director Gary Anderson answers questions submitted by our brilliant YouTube audience. Topics covered range from what we've seen at the beginning of the 2021 season, the new rules that are coming in for 2022, Gary's working life in F1 and his tips to get a job there yourself, plus much more.

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00:00 Intro
03:01 Aston Martin's rake complaints
07:28 Mercedes vs Red Bull
10:40 Red Bull's strengths in 2021
12:47 Was McLaren's Imola form a fluke?
15:56 Which midfield teams have made up the most ground?
17:46 A wingless Monaco GP??
20:29 Sprint races
24:45 How to make F1 look fast on TV
26:47 Life as a technical director
29:36 How to get a top job in F1
34:03 Are F1's new rules coming at a bad time?
36:20 The end of bargeboards?
38:01 Will teams be split on rake in 2022?
41:36 Developing a car for clean/dirty air
45:43 What happened to Gurney flaps?
49:30 Will F1 use covered wheels?
51:33 Which classic tracks should come back?

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