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BBCOR vs. GORILLA-BALL ERA | How hot is a 1997 Easton Reflex compared to a modern metal BBCOR Bat?

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The Bat Bros are joined by D1 commits Drew Burress & Pete Craska to compare how a present-day "BBCOR" metal bat stacks up against the bat that propelled the LSU Tigers to a record-breaking 188 home runs in 1997: the Easton Reflex Extended C405.

Our Top 50 BBCOR rankings are listed at https://baseballbatbros.com/pages/bbcorrankings
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And for those wondering, here's a link to the baseballs we use: https://www.champrosports.com/product/625/kevlar-stitched-baseball-9-cork-rubber-core
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