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Could The Mercedes W11 Be The Greatest F1 Car Ever?

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Previously, Autosport chose the Lotus 72 as it's top Formula 1 car of all time, but could the Mercedes W11 be even greater? Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look into how the W11 was evolved from the W10, as well as how it overcame it's shortcomings, it's rivals and a global pandemic to dominate the 2020 F1 Season... and possibly the first of two seasons due to 2021 chassis carryover rules.

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0:00 Autosport's Greatest F1 Car - Lotus 72
0:19 The W11 - Latest Greatest F1 Car?
2:11 Evolving The W10
3:27 Autosport 70th Anniversary Magazine
3:54 Unleashing the W11 at Testing
6:04 W11 In The Pandemic
7:56 Is The W11 Really The Greatest?
8:36 Does The W11 Have Weaknesses?
9:30 W11's Engine Troubles
10:04 Conclusion - The Greatest Car?

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