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CRAZY Basketball Brawl | Fightball Gets HEATED ????

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This is FIGTHBALL! A new field of players takes the court and a FIGHT finally breaks out!

In this episode:
Andrew Washington aka ‘Spongebob’ vs. Steven Ruple Jr.
Tymell Murphy vs. Rich Ross aka Clumsy Janitor

8 minute games. 8 second shot clock. Dunks are worth 3. 16 players will enter, but only one will bring home the $100,000 GRAND PRIZE!

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COMMENT with a basketball player you think would DOMINATE Fightball!

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Fightball Created by:
Jonas Hallberg & Liron Reznik

Executive Producers
Jonas Hallberg
Liron Reznik

Executive Producers
Mark Ciardi
Ash Vasudevan

Bernard Bowen
Kellen Dengler

Kellen Dengler

Gabriel Molton
JP Blair

Assistant Editor
Andrew Hafnor

Additional Content Editor
Riley Dengler

Kellen Dengler
Riley Dengler

Additional Videography
Joe Bressler
Matt Brown
Chris Caro
Kevin Heitczman
Brandon Kuzma
Stephen Marino
Everett Ravens
Jason Shaltz

Location Sound
Ryan Collins
Brian Joseph
Ruben Morales

Production Coordinator
Andrew Hafnor

Production Assistants
Christopher Banks
Matt Chernick
Shea Johnson
Alicia Ramirez
Brandon Woolfolk

Post Facility
Shoot to Kill NYC

Gabriel Molton

Color Assistant
JP Blair

Audio Post Mixer
Gabriel Molton

Christina Jones

Bernard Bowen

V.O. Writers
Liron Reznik
Peter Robert Casey

Contributing Producer
Eugene Hackett

Production Assistant
Chris McLean

Title Design by
Jonas Hallberg

Jessica Villaplana

Amanda Silverman, 42 West

Fightball Live Event Soundtrack
Just Blaze

Fightball Live DJ
DJ Clark Kent

Fightball MC
Joe Pope

Music Performer
A$AP Ferg

For Fightball

Jonas Hallberg
Liron Reznik

Head of Player Personnel
Bernard Bowen

Director of Social Media
Peter Robert Casey

Community Manager
Chris McLean

Production Assistant
Clariel Rivas
Danielle Kelley

Paul Jones
Eric Brockington

Social Media Crew
Dave Krupinski
Erin Simon
Brendan Potocki
Anthony Gill
Jeremy Bauman

Dorothy Hong

Additional Photography
Allison Retina Stewart

Billy Baptist
Leandro de Lima
Eric Williams
Andrew Washington
Cliff Dixon
Willian McFarlan
Dusan Bulut
Tymell Murphy
Malik Boothe
Mike Tuitt
J.J. Moore
Ronnie Battle
Marvin Roberts
Rich Ross
Tyrone Hill
Steven Ruple Jr.

For Team Epiphany (Live Event Production)

Sayoko Osada

Art Director
Jeff Weber

Court and Seating
Creative Sports Concepts

Audio & Lighting
Oxygen Eventworks

AJ Melino & Associates

Technical Producing Group

Sir Stage 37

Video Technology

For Team Epiphany (Live Event Production)

Managing Partner
Coltrane Curtis

Managing Partner / Executive Producer
Lisa Chu

Senior Account Manager
Leigh Carapetis

Production Manager
Sai Tirado

Communications Director
Marisa McWilliams

Assistant PR Manager
Paris Sims

Show Caller
Michelle Brosh

Production Coordinator
Collin Bean

Production Assistant
Kurtis Pemberton
Abba Wedderburn
Ryan Trinidad
David Brewer

For Team Whistle

Executive Producers
Mike Basone
Melanie Capacia Johnson

Co-Executive Producer
Dashiell Desloovere

Mike McLaughlin

Assistant Editors
Kyra Power
Ted Taylor

Copyright © 2016 Fightball Inc. All Rights Reserved
First Publication of this motion picture (sound recording and film): United States of America 2016.
Fightball Inc. is the owner of the copyright in this motion picture. This motion picture is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, copying or use of all or part of this motion picture may result in civil liability and/or criminal prosecution in accordance with applicable laws.

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