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Gentle Yoga for Back Pain Relief + Prevention - Available now on DVD and Digital Download!

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This program contains two relaxing and gentle yoga sessions designed with a back pain specialist for maximum safety and relief.
This is a basic level program featuring yoga poses and sequencing specific to back pain relief and prevention.
No previous yoga experience is necessary to participate, and there is no sanskrit terminology or chanting included in this program.
While yoga in general can help relieve back pain and prevent future occurrences, not all poses may be appropriate for certain back conditions as many rely heavily on poses that bring the spine into forward flexion and rotation, which may exacerbate existing issues. These practices, designed in conjunction with a back pain specialist, were carefully constructed to assist in both back pain relief + prevention.
This DVD contains 2 gentle, total body practices:
Session #1: Yoga for Mild to Moderate Back Pain Relief
This slow moving flow stretches tight areas of the body that can contribute to back pain while avoiding forward bending or deep rotation of the spine, which may aggravate back issues.
Session #2: Yoga for Back Pain Prevention
The poses in this series help strengthen + stretch key muscle groups that work together to support the spine, which may aid in the prevention of back pain, and should be done only on pain-free days.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What do you need for the program?
You'll need a mat, a yoga strap (or long towel) and a sturdy chair. You may want to include the use of a yoga block, blanket or pillows for comfort. Equipment needs are listed on screen prior to the start of each session.
Can anyone do this program?
While no previous yoga experience is required, if you are currently in pain, you should not attempt this or any other exercise until you have consulted a medical professional.
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