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[Podcast] How To Take 5-minutes Off Your 70.3 Swim with Ryan Roselli

My guest today is Ryan Roselli. He attended one of our freestyle clinics in Brisbane last March. During the Cairns Half Ironman, he managed to cut down 5 minutes of his swim time. In this episode, we talked about the things he focused on in his stroke, making the changes permanent and some advice to swimmers and triathletes who have been wanting to improve their swimming.

16:12 Ryan's Swimming Background 02:43 Attending Effortless Swimming Freestyle Clinic 03:55 Key Point Take-Aways From The Clinic 06:07 Locking Changes as a Habit 07:36 First Couple of Weeks 10:15 Curve 11:28 Race Day Focus 16:00 Swim Time Target for the Next six to 12 months 16:34 Advice to Swimmers Wanting To Improve Their Time 17:55 Filming Yourself
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