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Swimisodes - Swimming Streamline

The best streamline swimming position has become a center for controversy in the swimming world. At The Race Club swim camps: http://theraceclub.com/swim-camps/ , we believe the best way to streamline swimming is by squeezing the elbows together behind the head and by pressing the shoulders up away from the sockets, with legs together, toes pointed and chin tucked down almost to the chest. Once this streamline swimming position is achieved the stomach then excavates, the skin tightens and the whole body is in alignment. It is not a comfortable position nor a natural ‘human’ position to be in. Therefore the hyper streamline swimming position is rarely executed with 100% precision. That is one reason why swimmers tend to not go into a ‘hyper-streamline’ and opt for a more comfortable and sustainable streamline with the body somewhat relaxed.

In this swimisodes learn swim drills we teach at the Race Club swim camps that will help improve your swimming streamline. Coach Gary Hall explains how to feel the benefits of the hyper-streamline position by creating a contest among the elite swimmers. Swimmers push off the wall in different streamline swimming positions that allow them to feel the drag forces at work and to appreciate the extra effort required to streamline tightly. Discover why water is such an unforgiving medium to be in because it is 800 times denser than air.

Watch Backstroke World Champion Swimmer, Junya Koga, Open Water Swimming Champ Lexie Kelly and Olympic Gold Medalist and 4 time Olympian Roland Schoeman demonstrate a perfect swimming streamline. Learn how to perform the best and tightest streamline and have fun while doing it! As an additional swim drill and exercise, we advocate kicking with Finis alignment board and DMC mono snorkel in the hyper streamline position for proper body alignment.

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Finis Alignment Kickboard:

DMC Front Snorkel:

Producer/Director/Editor: Richard Hall
Writer/Narrator: Gary Hall Sr
Cinematographer: Frazier Nivens
Sound: Gustavo Moller
Jib Operator: Mikey Montoya (Jib and Co)
Underwater Housing: AquaVideo
Filmed at our training facility Founders Park Islamorada, FL MM87

Swimmers of all ages and abilities come from all over the world to the Race Club swim camps to improve their swimming technique. Join us! http://theraceclub.com/swim-camps/
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