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THE MILL | From Beginner to Expert | POV GoPRO Pool Drill For Every Level

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GoPro POV (P.O.V.) view of pool exersise.
Billiard drill for every level from 4 balls to 32 balls. The goal is to maintain a correct angle on every shot, otherwise it is very easy to fail. GoPro billiard drill. Pool lesson, pool drill, billiards lesson, billiard drill
One of pool drills to improve your game and positional play
00:00 ► Intro
00:55 ► Beginner version 4 balls
01:31 ► Intermediate version 8 balls
02:41 ► Advanced verstion 16 balls
06:20 ► Expert version 32 balls
14:31 ► Over9000 level version
- Contact with other balls is not allowed
This pool drill will improve your consistency, accuracy and cue ball control. Use less balls for easier version. More balls for more difficult version
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