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TOP Shots From US Open 9 Ball 2021 | And How To Do Them + GoPro View

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In this video I'm trying to recreate top shots from The 2021 US Open 9-ball tournament. I'm explaining in brief manner what I'm doing and what is the idea of each shot. Also on some shots I showed POV GoPro view
The shots in this video are from: Judd Trump, Naoyuki Oi, Shane Van Boening, Carlo Biado, Albin Ouschan, Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz, Sanjin Pehlivanović
00:00 ► Introduction
00:05 ► Shot 11: not very difficult, but beautiful thin shot by Judd Trump on the 8 ball
01:00 ► Shot 10: power bank shot on the 5 under pressure from Carlo Biado
01:44 ► Shot 9: long bank shot on the 3 from Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz
02:22 ► Shot 8: kick shot from Judd Trump
03:06 ► Shot 7: Shane Van Boening with his finesse kick shot on the 2
03:58 ► Shot 6: two jump shots in a row by Sanjin Pehlivanović. Unbelievable reaching skills on the 1, and awkward short distance jump on the 2
04:59 ► Shot 5: two way kick shot from Albin Ouschan
05:48 ► Shot 4: long pot by Carlo Biado
06:55 ► Shot 3: not easy 1-9 combination from Naoyuki Oi
08:39 ► Shot 2: full table jump shot from Carlo Biado
09:23 ► Shot 1: almost a fluke from Carlo Biado
11:34 ► Bonus Shot: almost a shot of the tournament by Shane Van Boening
13:16 ► Final scene (who wants to be a billionare)
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