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Victus TA7 Birch vs the Tatis23 Maple - Battle for the best Victus - Wood Baseball Bat Reviews

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The Bat Bros test out our favorite Victus wood bat - the Tatis23 Maple - against one of their most popular up-and-coming models - the TA7 Birch.

TA7 Birch:
-Significantly endloaded
-Moderate sweet spot but good performance on mishits
-Great pop if you square it up
-Slight flex
-Somewhat thick handle and a big knob
-$180 - spendy, we know - but this is big-league wood. Harder, more dense, louder, & more durable.

Tatis23 Maple:
-Moderate endload
-Great sweet spot
-Excellent pop across a pretty large range of the barrel
-Slight flex
-Small/thin knob/handle

Check these bats out at: https://victussports.com/pro-reserve/

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