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WHICH IS BETTER: COMPOSITE or ALUMINUM? - DeMarini CF Zen vs. Voodoo - BBCOR Baseball Bat Reviews

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The Baseball Bat Bros help answer the age-old question: which is better: a composite BBCOR baseball bat? Or an alloy BBCOR baseball bat?
To bring this test to life, we brought out two DeMarinis: the Voodoo Balanced and the CF Zen - both balanced bats so the test would be accurate.
Which one has better bat speed? Which one has more pop? Which one has better feel? Which should you use?

Check out the new 2020 DeMarini Voodoo and CF here:

The composite CF Zen is definitely a fan-favorite among younger BBCOR hitters. It combines a huge sweet spot with great bat speed and fantastic feel. The CF is really comparable to the Rawlings Quatro, Easton ADV, and the Meta (formerly the Meta Prime).
The alloy/aluminum DeMarini Voodoo (balanced) is one of the few lighter swinging hybrid bats out there but still has great pop - some of the more popular aluminum or alloy barreled bats with composite handles like the Select from Louisville Slugger, and The Goods from DeMarini will be much more endloaded. The Voodoo Insane (now transitioned to the DeMarini The Goods in 2020) is definitely a heavier bat that is going to hit for power.

Bottom line: if you're a developing younger player or want to hit for average, a composite bat is going to be your best bet. If you're a stronger or older player, take advantage of the long ball with an alloy/aluminum bat. Even better, if you can get strong enough to get good batspeed on an endloaded alloy bat like The Goods or the Select PWR, you'll start hitting BIG bombs.

However, this test is just applicable to BBCOR bats. If you're playing USSSA, the CF Zen would win big in this test.

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*NCAA/Legal Disclaimer: John Taylor and any other guest appearance hitters are simply volunteers and will not/have not been financially compensated and have not received special benefits (i.e. gear they get to keep for themselves) for their appearances in these videos.
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