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Wood Bat Madness 2.0 | 'Reinforced Wood Bats' Super Regional

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Welcome to WOOD BAT MADNESS 2.0: this tournament will be purely wood composites and non-traditional wood bats with more of a focus on durability in the wood bat space.
We'll have 16 total bats divided into 4 separate 'super regional' videos:
-Wood Composite (winner: Baum Bat Endload)
-Wood Hybrid (winner: Rawlings Wood Comp 243)
-Alternative Wood (winner: Mine Bat Beechwood Balanced)
-Reinforced Wood

The winner of each 'super regional' will move on to a final four showdown video!

You can find our full BBCOR & USSSA bat rankings at https://baseballbatbros.com/

Links to these bats in the video:
Dove Tail: https://dovetailbat.com/collections/bbcore
KR3: https://www.kr3bats.com/collections/eagle-magnum
Brett Bros: https://www.justbats.com/products/baseball%20bats~wood%20baseball/bat%20type~baseball/not~deals~bat%20pack,bundles,pick%20your%20pack/length%20to%20weight%20ratio~-%203/vendor~brett%20bros/?rfsn=5886982.2b1f95&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=baseballbatbros
Easton: (no longer available - we bought the last one apparently lol)
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