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Cody Davis - Full Instagram Part - Minnesota Skateboarding

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MN's Cody Davis came up on our radar a few years back, with the heaviest of 1,2,3 IG hits - kickflip the narrowest 12 Stair, 50 quick setup Kickflip to near death car accident, then double barrel kinked fifty, the kind that'll snap your leg like a twig! Been following since and the mans stayed on one. Here's an interview to go along with this compilation of carnage -
JJ: Seeing you skate, it’s apparent the level is right up there with the best. Heard you were very much on the come up with solid sponsors backing you, but a penchant for the night life might’ve put the brakes on some of that. What’s the story?
CD: Thank you for that compliment! But yeah that definitely happened and I'm not proud of it but I wouldn't be who I am now if I didn't go thru what I did. Long story short I was opened to partying and the fast life at a really young age in the skateboard industry and had pretty much everything going for me then all the partying/drinking was a gateway to doing other drugs and this one got the best of me... I was addicted from 17yo until I was 21. I pretty much lost all my sponsors, friends, and family. nobody wanted to be apart of my life...I couldn't be trusted because of the person I had become.. one day I had a serious overdose and came back to life. After that I checked myself into inpatient treatment. I'm grateful and blessed to be over 3 years sober from that today!
JJ: What time do you wake up everyday?
CD: 2:45 for work I clean an Irish bar 7 days a week from 3:00am to 5:30am
JJ: Has a fan girl ever chased you down?
CD: Yea I think she was a girl I dated that turned into a fan and chased me down because I told her to leave me alone and she wouldn't. Me and Stavi were running thru alleys and in people yards to get away from her. She kept up really well it was kind of mind blowing but we made it out safe
JJ: If you could turn pro for any board company of your choice who would it be?
CD: Easy! Baker Baker Baker
JJ: Can your sister still tre flip?
CD: I think so I'd have to ask her she's really good at mini ramp and bowl too she is a hair stylist now as well! She's the best shouts to Ashley love you!
JJ: Your favorite tattoo and why?
CD: Stay true on my knuckles because Loyalty and staying true to yourself and roots are everything to me
JJ: What is AirDrop?
CD: It's a setting on your iphone where you can send videos or photos without any type of service just turn it on in settings or slide the bottom thing on your iPhone up and send. I always ask stavi "airdrop?" After we get a clip because it sends in the best quality too.
Stavi has a plan on naming a video with all of our footage airdrop because we used it so much! I thought it was genius
JJ: Had an angry ex of yours, sending messages to all the skate media outlets, asking we withdraw support. Wish I’d saved the vid to go along with this interview, haha. She was pissed! What happened there?
CD: That was because I decided to move out of our apartment that we had together... I forfeited my security deposit and moved out because she was extremely toxic and mentally abusive sometimes physically when she drank. She didn't want me to see my family or even have a relationship with my mom. She can't stand I'm doing fine without her now. for some odd reason she thinks I owe her money?? I don't even know why she did that honestly I have her blocked on everything but I did post a photo on Instagram of a note that I found on the ground at a grocery store and it said "fuck you bitch" I wrote in the caption "to the Haterz". because I was getting so much hate for my blue hair at the time..somehow she saw that photo and took it personal maybe? all that reaching out she did to you guys happened right after I posted it haha I guess it wasn't worth it giving into there negativity...In the end it brought a lot of stress and manifested into something way different than I planned haha. People keep telling me to get a restraining order I think I might
JJ: Any last words?
CD: Thank you to God my Mom & Dad
Ash, Brent, Eli, Stavi, all my family, Joel and everyone at Metro skateboarding for making this happen all of my supporters! Love you all!
Edit By: Chris Taylor @taylorvisual Filmed By: @stavs_ @blequeko
@elijah_999_ @zackmiskowiec @rayskatesfordays
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