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Hitting with BANNED BBCOR BATS | 2020 Louisville Slugger META 33" vs. 2022 Stinger Missile 2 33"

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Today Bat Bros are hosted by Luther College (NCAA D3 - Decorah, Iowa) for a banned BBCOR bat showdown with the blue Meta and the Stinger Missile 2!

Here's the press release for the Stinger Missile 2 33" ban: https://www.justbats.com/blog/post/stinger-missile-2-baseball-bat-ban/

You can find our BBCOR & USSSA bat rankings at https://baseballbatbros.com/
Link to the Baseball Bat Bros merch/apparel site: https://routine.com/collections/the-baseball-bat-bros-merch

And here is where you can check out the bats used in today's video:
CatX: https://www.justbats.com/product/marucci-catx-bbcor-baseball-bat--mcbcx/35855/?rfsn=5886982.2b1f95&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=baseballbatbros
Missile 2 (only available in 31, 32, or 34): https://www.stingerwoodbats.com/products/2022-missile-2-aluminum-bbcor-certified-3-baseball-bat
Meta (slightly nerfed 2021/2022 version): https://www.justbats.com/products/baseball%20bats~bbcor/series~meta/?rfsn=5886982.2b1f95&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=baseballbatbros
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