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Revealed: What Ferrari Is Changing On Its Engine For F1 2021

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How are Ferrari planning to improve their Formula 1 car for 2021? It's no secret that Ferrari's powertrain failed to perform in 2020, after they were allegedly caught breaking the engine rules with their SF90. But Ferrari have outlined a plan for the changes they're aiming to make, and even considered taking a leaf from Mercedes' book. Jake Boxall-Legge breaks down the planned upgrades, and how Ferrari's new engine will hopefully be the steup up they need in F1.

0:00 Ferrari's 2020 Engine Troubles
1:14 The Planned "Incremental" Upgrades
1:36 Looking To Mercedes & The Future
2:00 The New Engine Components
2:36 Updated Exhaust & Radiator Solutions
3:19 Improving The ERS & MGU-K
3:43 Upgraded Ferrari Vs Their Rivals

Engine footage provided by Motorsport.TV and their Mercedes F1 channel. For more of Motorsport.TV's Mercedes F1 content, click the link below:

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