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Road To 14.1 Billiards High Run | Part 1

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Hello, everyone. I decided to start the new series called "The road to a high run in straight pool". I'll try to run certain amount of balls in 6 months. In this video you can watch my first decent run over a hundred balls in 14+1.
Also there will be a lottery in a future, where you have to collect all easter eggs which I would put in every video of this part

Straight pool, which is also called 14.1 continuous and 14.1 rack, is a cue sport in which two competing players attempt to pot as many billiard balls as possible without playing a foul. The game, which is played on a billiard table, is the primary version of pool that was played in professional competition until it was superseded by faster-playing games like nine-ball and eight-ball in the 1970s

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