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The Correct Swim Pulling Motion with Lizzi Smith

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Lizzie Smith, a Silver Medalist Paralympian in the Rio Olympics preparing for the Tokyo Games of 2020, came to The Race Club for some improvements in her butterfly technique. We found a critical flaw in her swim pulling motion and recovery that resulted in her plateau.  In this video Race Club coach Troy Marcikic works with Lizzie to establish the correct swim pulling motion using dry land exercises and some of our favorite Race Club drills.

In our upcoming subscription videos featuring Lizzi we will improve her butterfly recovery motion and work on her start!  We made some major improvements and are excited to share them with our Subscrbers! Sign up for Lanes 2 or 3 exclusively on our website and see a lot more videos featuring, Age Group Swimmer, Masters Swimmers, USA Swimming Members, Triathletes and of course Professional League Swimmers!


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