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Was This Car Ferrari's Biggest Failure In 70 Years Of F1?

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Ferrari's 2020 didn't really go to plan with it's SF1000 F1 car, but was it the worst year Ferrari have ever had in Formula 1? One top contender for the biggest failure title is 1992's F92A, otherwise known as Ferrari's Double Floor car. It's innovation was highly disputed, but the F92A provided one of the red teams worst seasons in 70 years of F1. Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at the cars design, it's failings (both on track and in off), and how it grandfathered modern sidepods, in a weird way.

Our Tyrrell 019 video "Why Do Modern F1 Cars Have "Raised Noses"?":

0:00 Ferrari's Legacy - Good & Bad
0:41 Ferrari F92A and the Early 90s
1:07 Jean-Claude Migeot Saves The Day?
1:51 The Idea Behind The Double Floor
2:36 F92A's Floor and Other Issues
3:27 Ferrari's Troublesome Engine
4:01 Comparing 1992 to 2019
4:17 The F92A Hits The Track
5:15 Ferrari Loses It's Confidence
6:25 The F92A Failure Looks To Modern F1

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