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ASH vs MAPLE vs BIRCH - Which is better? Wood Baseball Bat Reviews

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The Bat Bros take a stab at the age-old debate - WHICH WOOD IS BEST??



Watch the video first - but here are our thoughts:
-Most balanced-swinging of the 3
-Probably the widest-performing sweet spot of the 3
-Definitely the least pop/carry distance of the 3
-Most flex of the 3
-Durability will be not as good in the sense that the barrel grains will likely flake apart after awhile - but the handle isn't necessarily more or less durable than maple or birch.

-Most endload of the 3
-The smallest-performing sweet spot of the 3
-Probably the most pop/carry distance of the 3
-The stiffest of the 3

-Swing weight was somewhere between maple & ash - this swing weight felt most optimal though.
-Sweet spot was somewhere between maple & ash
-Pop was quite a bit better than ash, and almost as good as maple
-A bit less flex than ash, but quite a bit more flex than maple.

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