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Friday Five - Highest Televised Scores on the 2020 PBA Tour

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Friday Five, December 11, 2020 - The five highest scores, one of which was achieved three times, on 2020 PBA Tour telecasts.

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Just missing the top five was Kris Prather, who rolled 280 in the Tournament of Champions. Anthony Simonsen's 285 in the PBA Playoffs earned him a spot in the championship match. Sean Rash rolled 289 twice, once to win the Oklahoma Open and again to retain his crown during the King of the Lanes. Kyle Troup shot 290 in the championship match of the Jonesboro Open, his second best TV score of the year. Troup's 299 in qualifying of the PBA Tour Finals helped him on his way to winning the tournament. A perfect 300 was rolled three times–Tommy Jones won the Hall of Fame Classic with perfection, Jakob Butturff got all 12 strikes during qualifying of the Tour Finals and François Lavoie shot his second career televised 300 during Round of 16 action in the PBA Playoffs.
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