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How to Breath in Swimming

At the Race Club camps we often discuss how much and where to breath in swimming and they generally have a good sense of what they are doing but when we ask “How do you Breath in Swimming” there is usually a pause.

Over the years we’ve observed hundreds of Olympic swimmers underwater and what we’ve notice they almost all have in common is what they do with the air once it is inhaled… in other words how and when they breath is very similar.

While training at our beautiful facility in Islamorada, the Florida Keys, Coach Gary Hall was approached by a local renowned marine biologist and he informed Coach Gary that like swimmers, the emperor penguin traps air bubbles under it’s wings and when a predator is near or attacking, they will emit those air bubbles giving them a burst of speed that allows them to jump out of the water…. Find out more of this fascinating aspect of swimming that is often misunderstood.

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Isabella Arcilla - Colombian Olympian 2016

Zane Grothe - American Record Holder

Margo Geer - Olympic Hopeful 2020 USA

Amanda Kendall - Olympic Hopeful 2020 USA

Nikola Obravac - World Junior Champion Breaststroke

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