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[Podcast] From Drug Addiction To Olympian With Dan Smith

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Dan Smith joins us in this episode as he talks about his swimming, drug addiction, building character and his road to redemption.

01:28 Swimming Life As A Youngster 03:41 Burnt Out At The Age Of 14 04:46 It Was More Of An Escape For Me 05:44 What Would I Pass On To My Kids 08:38 I Am Not Defined What I Used To Be Or What I Should Be 09:53 2016 Rio Olympics 12:18 Dealing With Emotions After The Olympics 15:52 Rebuilding Your Stroke 20:11 You Got To Be Patient In Unlearning Bad Habits So That You Can Learn New Habits 26:21 Cues Used On Strokes 28:01 I Had To Go Backwards To Go Forwards 30:33 "I Am Not Worried About The Clock" 31:52 Be Realistic About The Bad Days 32:53 Tracking Your Training 34:54 Distractions Around Training

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