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SELECT PWR vs VOODOO - 2-Piece Alloy Showdown - Louisville & DeMarini BBCOR Baseball Bat Review

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The Baseball Bat Bros try out two of the best Hybrid BBCOR bats in the game: the Louisville Slugger Select Pwr and the DeMarini Voodoo.

These are two of the most-used bats in college baseball and definitely fall into the "power bat" category.

While the DeMarini Voodoo has frequently been bucketed into the 'balanced' bat discussion, this bat is quite a bit more endloaded than some of its counterparts like the CF Zen & Voodoo One - and is actually more comparable to the CF Insane in terms of its swing weight. And that's why we think they dropped the "Balanced" from the name in 2020 - and went back to simply the "Voodoo".

The Select Pwr is widely accepted as an endloaded, power-optimized brute. Definitely a bit more swing weight on this one, but it made up for it with a very explosive sweet spot.

Louisville Slugger Select Pwr (formerly known as the 719, 718, 716):
-Composite Handle
-Alloy Barrel
-Stiff Flex
-Mild Pingy Sound
-Huge Sweet Spot
-Great Grip
-Pretty spendy though - $400

DeMarini Voodoo (formerly known as the Voodoo Balanced - the Voodoo Insane was converted into The Goods):
-Moderatley Endloaded
-Composite Handle
-Alloy Barrel
-More flex in the handle than the Select Pwr
-Moderate Pingy Sound
-Huge Sweet Spot
-Great Grip (very thin)

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*NCAA/Legal Disclaimer: John Taylor and Cameron Clayton are simply volunteers and will not/have not been financially compensated and have not received special benefits (i.e. gear they get to keep for themselves) for their appearances in these videos.
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