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The Genius Ways F1 Cars Illegally Used Weight To Their Advantage

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Formula 1 teams will often use genius, sneaky and illegal innovations to sidestep the rules, especially regarding the FIA's minimum weight rule. The lighter a car, the faster it goes, right? Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at the numerous times F1 cars have been made illegal by manipulating weight to gain the advantage, including the Tyrrell 012, the BAR007 and the Renault R25.

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0:00 Using Weight To Gain The Advantage
0:44 1982's Turbo Battle
1:29 Water Cooled Brakes
3:11 Tyrrell 011's Water Injection Ballasts
4:30 BAR007's Second Fuel Tank
5:04 Renaults Mass Dampers
7:28 F1 Cars and Weight

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