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2-pc Hybrid Bat Madness Super Regional | VICTUS NOX vs. CAT 9 CONNECT | SELECT PWR vs. AXE or HZRDUS

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Bat Bros Will, Cam, Paul & JT try out 5 of our favorite 2-piece hybrid BBCOR baseball bats (besides The Goods): the Victus Nox, Marucci Cat 9 Connect, Louisville Slugger Select Pwr, True Temper HZRDUS, and Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid.
The winner of this 5-bat bracket will move on to one of the final 6 spots in the Bat Madness World Series!

Links to these bats if you wanna check em out:
Victus Nox, $400: https://www.justbats.com/product/victus-nox-bbcor-baseball-bat--vcbn/33444/?rfsn=5886982.2b1f95&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=baseballbatbros
Marucci Cat 9 Connect, $400: https://www.justbats.com/product/marucci-cat-9-connect-bbcor-baseball-bat--mcbcc9/33428/?rfsn=5886982.2b1f95&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=baseballbatbros
Louisville Slugger Select Pwr, $400: https://www.justbats.com/product/louisville-slugger-select-pwr-bbcor-baseball-bat--wbl2466010/33921/
Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid, $400: https://www.justbats.com/product/2022-axe-avenge-pro-hybrid-bbcor-baseball-bat--l130jp/34224/?rfsn=5886982.2b1f95&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=baseballbatbros
True Temper HZRDUS, $350: https://www.justbats.com/product/true-hzrdus-bbcor-baseball-bat--bb22hzrb3/34500/?rfsn=5886982.2b1f95&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=baseballbatbros

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