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Friday Five - The Best Winning Shots from 2020 PBA Tour Telecasts

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Friday Five, December 25, 2020 - five of the best victory-clinching shots from 2020 PBA Tour telecasts.

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Bill O'Neill rolled a couple perfect strikes to clinch the PBA Playoffs championship. Jesper Svensson, after picking up a split, got more than enough pins on his final shot to win the Indianapolis Open. Kyle Troup finally clinched his Jonesboro Open title late in a match against Chris Barnes, which eventually ended in a 290-269 score. Bill O'Neill needed 29 pins in the 10th frame to defeat EJ Tackett in the PBA Players Championship. Jason Belmonte left the much-loathed 3-6-9-10 in the 10th frame of the U.S. Open, then picked it up to complete the Super Slam of all five majors.
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