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Swimisodes - Improve Freestyle Technique - Head Position

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Many freestylers swim with their heads too high. We teach how to maintain a proper head position at The Race Club swim camps: http://theraceclub.com/swim-camps/ through many different drills. In a crowded swimming pool, swimmers often look forward, hoping to avoid a collision with one of their teammates. These defensive swimming techniques create a bad habit that slows them down. In this Swimisodes, world record holder and Olympic champ Roland Schoeman and Open Water Swimmer Lexie Kelly show how head elevation slows their swimming techniques while Japanese champion, Junya Koga, swims freestyle the way we teach at The Race Club almost effortlessly with his head in the correct swimming technique.

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Producer/Director/Editor: Richard Hall
Cinematographer: Frazier Nivens
Writer/Narrator: Gary Hall Sr
Sound: Gustavo Moller
Jib Operator: Mikey Montoya (Jib and Co)
Underwater Housing: AquaVideo
Filmed at our training facility Founders Park Islamorada, FL MM87

Swimmers of all ages and abilities come from all over the world to the Race Club swim camps to improve their swimming technique. Join us! http://theraceclub.com/swim-camps/
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