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Swimisodes - Rebecca Soni - Dolphin Kick Breaststroke

At our Race Club swim camps: http://theraceclub.com/swim-camps/, Coach Gary Hall teaches Breaststroke by incorporating two different swimming techniques for Dolphin Kick Breaststroke drill. Also known as Cobra Breaststroke this swim drill helps all our Swimmers become faster by allowing them to focus on the timing of the strike phase. By adding fins we increase the speed as well as the amount of drag that creates a greater 'feeling' in the water.

Learning how to swim fast Breaststroke is difficult especially timing the strike phase. One thing all fast swimming techniques in Breaststroke have in common is being streamline during the strike phase. Olympic Gold medalist and World Record Holder Rebecca Soni says, "Dolphin Kick Breaststroke drill is one of my favorites! For me, the biggest benefit of this drill is being able to work on the timing of the stroke. The timing is the most important variable in this stroke! And there is no better way to work on it than through different drills. When doing dolphin kick breaststroke, I always like to harness the feeling of falling forward in the stroke. It is this feeling that I chase, both in practice and in competition." Let us know your own experience or variations of this swim drill #dolphinkickbreast

Read Rebecca's Aqua Note on #dolphinkickbreast here:
Swimmers of all ages and abilities come from all over the world to the Race Club swim camps to improve their swimming technique. Join us! http://theraceclub.com/swim-camps/
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