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What is Functional Yoga?

Join me with Anat and Marcel in our 3 week Functional Yoga Program on EkhartYoga.com and learn to adapt yoga for your own body.

You might have already heard the term Functional Yoga but what does it mean? In short it’s about putting your attention on what is the effect we want from this pose instead of what it looks like. So we’re valuing function over form.

When we talk about practicing yoga in a functional way we can think of it in terms of three questions:
1 What is the function of the pose? What target area in the body are we working on? And are we trying to strengthen or stretch it?

2 What’s stopping or restricting the pose? Is it a physical restriction which could be tightness in your muscles and fascia (tension) or bone meeting bone (compression)? Or is the restriction due to emotional or energetic blocks? Or a combination?

3 How can you change the pose to make it work for your body?
Either through physical ways like adjusting the shape of the pose. Or emotional or energetic ways like freeing stuck energy with shaking, breathwork and tuning into your body.

Join me Esther Ekhart, Anat Geiger and Marcel van de Vis Heil in our Functional Yoga Program on EkhartYoga.com - starts February 17th.
3 teachers bringing you our own perspective on Functional Yoga.

You can take out a two-week trial and try us for free.

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