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ADIDAS AEROBURNER COMP vs 2021 Meta and the 2020 Illegal Meta - *UPSET ALERT* - BBCOR Bat Reviews

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Due to a zillion requests - the Bat Bros swing the discontinued 2019 Adidas AeroBurner Comp. A big thanks to our YouTube members who paid for this bat!

Adidas AeroBurner Comp BBCOR:
-Very balanced and light swinging - 4.5/5
-Composite handle, composite barrel - 2 piece
-Huge sweet spot - 4/5
-Rings you up a bit, but still performs well on mishits
-Sounds a lot like the Meta, a tiny bit more pingy though
-Pretty stiff handle for a 2-piece composite
-Impressive pop for the swing weight - 3/5
-Pretty thin grip
-Only gonna be available on sites like Amazon, SidelineSwap, and eBay - you'll have to do some Googling.

Bottom line: due to BBCOR restrictions, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT BAT. Between power, sweet spot, and swing weight, every bat is going to have to compromise in at least 1 area.
Scoring scale:
8 or lower: not a fan.
9: average, middle of the pack.
10: solid bat, above average - Bat Bro approved.
11: one of the best bats in its category and one of the best overall bats of the year
12 or higher:
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