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AEROBURNER HYBRID vs THE GOODS - BBCOR Baseball Bat Reviews - DeMarini vs Adidas

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The Bat Bros are BACK with another version of the Adidas Aeroburner - the most slept-on bat series over the last 4 years. People are finding Aeroburners in their local TJ Maxx store for $20 - and these bats deserve MUCH more love than that.
Today we've got the HYBRID - so let's compare it against one of our favorite hybrids of the year - the DeMarini The Goods 2-Piece!

Adidas Aeroburner BBCOR:
-Endloaded, but not quite as much as The Goods or Cat9 Connect - probably about a 4/10 on the Bat Bro Scale
-Alloy barrel, composite handle (requires no break-in)
-Really solid sweet spot - probably about an 8/10 on the Bat Bro Scale
-Slightly more pingy than The Goods.
-Stiff/slight flex
-Very strong/powerful barrel that doesn't get bullied by the ball.
-No sting in the hands really
-Bigtime pop - probably a 10/10 on the Bat Bro Scale. We hit balls well over 400 feet with this bat.
-Really thin handle
-22/30 overall - great bat, Bat Bro approved.
-You should be able to find this bat for cheap within about an hour of this video posting - but the greedy resellers are probably gonna swallow em up as soon as they see this. Wish we could control that, but we can't.

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