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Hitting with the 2021 DEMARINI THE GOODS 2-Piece - BBCOR Baseball Bat Reviews

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DeMarini brings back THE GOODS for its second year - a 2-piece hybrid that fairly easily blew through our 2-Piece Hybrid BBCOR Bat Madness tournament and earned the championship. If you've followed us for awhile, you'll know that The Goods is easily one of our top 3 favorite BBCORs. And this is just another example of a stiff, endloaded, alloy BBCOR hitting absolute TATERS.

DeMarini The Goods 2-Piece BBCOR (same specs as the 2020):
-Definite endload and pretty heavy-swinging
-Alloy barrel, composite handle (requires no break-in)
-Huge sweet spot - performs great on mishits
-Mild cracky-ping
-Stiff handle for a two-piece hybrid
-Very strong/powerful barrel that doesn't get bullied by the ball.
-No sting in the hands really
-Hits the ball a mile - you're likely not gonna find a BBCOR with more pop than this.
-$400 - SPENDY for an alloy barrel. A good cheaper alternative to this would be the Stinger Nuke BBCOR - gonna have similar attributes, but a bit of a smaller sweet spot.

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