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Hitting with the 2021 VICTUS NOX - BBCOR Baseball Bat Reviews

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Victus releases their first 2-piece hybrid metal BBCOR - the NOX. They previously only had the Vandal - which is a light swinging contact-hitter bat, but they've released an option for you hitters out there who take DADDY HACKS.

Victus NOX BBCOR - 11.5 Overall - probably one of the top 5 2020 BBCORs so far.
-Definite endload and pretty heavy-swinging - 2/5
-Alloy barrel, composite handle (requires no break-in)
-Big sweet spot - typical for Marucci/Victus with their ringless barrel technology. 4.5/5
-Slightly cracky and very loud ping
-Not too flexy!
-Very strong/powerful barrel that doesn't get bullied by the ball.
-No sting in the hands really
-Bigtime pop - this bat hits the ball as far as anything out there - 5/5
-Very thin handle with a tapered knob - and a fantastic grip.
-Everything you want in a power hitter bat
-$350 - unfortunately that's gonna be one of the cheaper 2-piece hybrid BBCORs in 2021 :/

Check it out at HeadBanger Sports

Bottom line: due to BBCOR restrictions, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT BAT. Between power, sweet spot, and swing weight, every bat is going to have to compromise in at least 1 area.
Scoring scale:
8 or lower: not a fan.
9: average, middle of the pack.
10: solid bat, above average - Bat Bro approved.
11: one of the best bats in its category and one of the best overall bats of the year
12 or higher:
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