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1 Mile Walk and Talk: How to Stay On Track (No Matter What!)

Please join me (and Peanut!) for our latest installment of our "1-Mile Walk n' Talk" series. Today we are talking about how to stay on track, no matter what!
Whether it's the busy holiday season, cold, dark winter days or whatever obstacle you may be facing in your life right now, we're sharing our top tips and motivational quotes to help you stay inspired to stick with your journey. And please be sure to share yours with our community too in the video comments below!
If you need a boost of motivation or a dose of inspiration, join us for this basic, indoor walking session anytime - rain or shine!
And, we're always looking for more topics to talk about, so please let us know - what else should we walk n' talk about? We love reading your comments so please share your great ideas and suggestions in the video comments.
Thanks for walking and talking with me (and Peanut!) today!
Feel free to keep moving if this got you ready for more - check out our playlists here on our channel (thanks for remembering to SUBSCRIBE!) for tons more options :)
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