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1 Mile Walk n Talk: What Does A Healthy Lifestyle Look Like? Walking At Home, Inspiration

Please join me (and Peanut!) for our latest installment of our "1-Mile Walk n' Talk" series — today we’re talking about some of the key components of a healthy lifestyle and how to best take care of ourselves for maximum health and wellness (big thanks to Nicole for her great topic idea suggestion!). If you need a boost of motivation or a dose of inspiration, join us for this basic, indoor walking session anytime - rain or shine!
Links to the studies, quotes or facts mentioned in the video:
1. “25 Random Facts About Sleep” via National Sleep Foundation
2. “Sleep deprivation spurs hunger” via CNN Health
3. “Sleep deprivation may cause people to eat more calories” via Science Daily
4. “Exercise is the ‘Best Preventative Drug’ Against Many Health Problems via University Herald
5. “23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?” via Doctor Mike Evans
And don’t forget to let us know - what does YOUR healthy lifestyle look like? Share with us in the video comments below! And, we're always looking for more topics to talk about, so please let us know - what else should we walk n' talk about? We love reading your comments so please share your great ideas and suggestions with us.
Thanks for walking and talking with me (and Peanut!) today!
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