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Walk On: Metabolism Booster with Jessica Smith - Walking, Strength Training + Strong Knees!

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Maximize your metabolism with a proven combo of aerobic exercise and strength training!
Features 2 targeted circuit walks plus our total body time saver session
Also included is our BONUS Routine for Stronger Knees created in conjunction with a physical therapist to help keep you moving strong and pain free
Includes 107 minutes of actual workout time!
No Floor Work, Minimal Space Required
Long term studies show that aerobic exercise and strength training can increase your resting metabolic rate, so we've combined the two with this program to help you maximize your metabolism!
Our targeted circuit walks alternate walking based, cardio intervals with muscle sculpting sets to help you tone up and slim down at the same time.
Jessica, her Mom Debbie and their friend Raquel offer modification options throughout the workouts so that you can make the program work for you, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.
As a bonus, we've also included our custom routine for developing stronger knees, designed in conjunction with a physical therapist, to help you keep walking strong and pain free for years to come!
Program Segments Include:
Workout #1: Upper Body Circuit Walk [35 Minutes]
Workout #2: Lower Body Circuit Walk [35 Minutes]
Workout #3: Total Body Time Saver [17 Minutes]
BONUS Routine for Stronger Knees [20 Minutes]
EQUIPMENT USED: One set of 2-8 pound dumbbells [depending on level] is used for all 3 sessions. For the bonus routine, a sturdy chair is used and a resistance band loop may be added for increased intensity, but is not required.
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